Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gas Prices Driving People Scooter Crazy!!!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I just had a baby girl last month, so it kind of threw off my posting schedule. In the last 3 weeks I've been getting lots of passive thumbs-ups and waves, but no real interactions until last night.

I was scooting home from class, and it was a little windy out so I was slowing down an SUV behind me, and he didn't seem to appreciate it too much. As soon as we hit a 4-lane stretch again, I jumped to the right lane, and the SUV moved left, and fast, cutting into my space a bit. Kind of scary, but no harm done. At the next light, a car that was further back behind the SUV pulled up between us, and the passenger very politely wanted to know about my scooter and how much it cost, and she complimented my vest quite a bit, which was very cool.

Then, they edged up a bit and the driver and passenger started yelling up at the SUV that he should be nicer to folks on scooters! I'm all for avoiding confrontation, but it was awesome that people could so completely understand where I'm coming from that they were wanting to defend a total stranger.

THEN, tonight on the way home, I had a regular stoplight chat with a guy in a Honda SUV, and he seemed very interested. The light turned green, so off we went. About 2 miles later, he pulled up next to me again with a pen and paper in hand and wanted to know the exact model I was riding and where he could get one!

All this, and I'm noticing more scoots on the road all the time.

I think we're getting somewhere here...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Conversations at Stoplights...

I was going to dinner at the in-laws house, when a Mitsu pulled up next to me and the 2 guys in it wanted to know about scooters. Apparently they liked the vest. One even took my picture, so who knows if that will be online somewhere soon. After telling them about the mileage and how much I spend (or don't spend) on gas, the passenger chimed in, "Everyone should be on those things!!" I think he got the point.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A ride through Rush Hour!

I took the scooter home from work this morning, riding right through the heart of rush hour in one of Illinois's largest cities.

It was a great morning pick-me-up, so I wasn't tired at all when I got home (often I get home in the morning and nap a few hours, and then don't get anything done).

Also, in addition to some of the usual looks and waves, I had one guy, who got stuck behind me in a hill, pull up alongside me when he went to pass, honked a few times, and when I looked over, he gave me a big thumbs up and a nod.

People really are listening...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another day on the road...

It's warming up in Chicago, which is awesome! I was out today on a few errands, and had to fill the tank for the first time this year. It cost me less than $3. I got a few waves and a thumbs up from someone I actually slowed down a bit trying to get up to speed. That was cool. No direct interactions though. I'm thinking of stopping by the Honda Dealer this week to check out the new Ruckus. Stitch is great, but man the Ruckus looks tough! I can't get one now, but it'd be nice to see one in person.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another interested party!!

I was cutting through East Dundee, IL this afternoon, and while sitting at a stoplight at 72, a big guy in the crosswalk wanted to know how much I paid for my scooter and where he could get one! I think we're on to something here, folks...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to the Who's Laughing Now? Blog!!!

Hey, people actually came to check me out! Awesome.

Here I'm documenting an informal list of my encounters with people who want to know about why I'm wearing a bright orange vest on a little blue scooter. With any luck, I also had a chance to give you a flyer about the greatness of scooters and where you can find one. I also plan on posting pictures of people sitting on Stitch (all scooters have names, didn't you know?). Check back often, or feel free to contact me if you're also into scooters or converting other people to scooters. Ride Safe!!!